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This is a page where you can see all my writing. I love writing and I think it’s a great idea to share my writing with everyone.


Another story that I have written is called ‘The Footpath Kid’ and I actually entered this story in a competition, this is it:

I could see the goosebumps on his arms. I wanted to give him my jacket but I know my mother would be disgusted at the thought of helping him out. All he was to her was a low disgrace to our society.

I have seen this boy almost every day of my life. I have always wondered what his purpose is.

When I was four years old, he was not alone. He sat with an old lady. His life seemed brighter then. The old lady loved him. Although she could not give him much, they were close friends. I could see that they guided each other and bought happiness to their lives.

I remember the gloomy day that changed the boy’s life forever. The sky was filled with vivid grey clouds and it was freezing cold. In my world, nothing had changed, but the boy sat all alone clasping a plastic bag. Everything about him was different. His eyes were filled with tears and he was extremely pale. He sat on the concrete, frightened, as his mouth gaped open and his bottom lip quivered. He clutched his plastic bag and brought it close to his chest, holding it for dear life. The boy’s eyes drifted down to the footpath where the old lady once sat.

From that day on, the boy’s life has been like a deflated balloon. He has had nothing cheerful to blow it back up again. It’s rather depressing to witness his miserable life. All the boy needs is someone to care about him in the way that the old lady did. This is why I want to give the boy my jacket. He needs to realize that someone cares about him. I care about him. I want to help him, but most of all; I want to be his friend.

Today at two o’clock, my mum goes to work until four o’clock. I have two hours to visit the boy. I pack two cookies, a spare jacket and a water bottle in my bag. As soon as my mum slams the front door shut, I get my bag and get ready to leave.

Being out on the road alone was scary. The creaking silence of age echoed through the cold streets. It sounded like frail old floorboards under heavy feet. All the people once walking have disappeared, well, all except for one person.

The boy sat on the footpath holding his plastic bag. I cautiously approached him.

“Hello,” I said, he gave me a timid smile in reply. “I have food, water and a jacket for you” I spoke quietly as I gave them to him.

“Kindness is a boomerang.” The boy whispered for the first time.

“What is your name?” I asked curiously.

“Remember me as The Footpath Kid!” The boy got up and walked away with a warm smile.


I finally realize that the boy’s purpose is to help me discover that ‘Kindness is a boomerang’.



My first story that I am posting is called ‘I Knew He Was There’


I knew he was there. I could feel his death-defying eyes glaring at me. I wasn’t falling for any of it. I stood frozen in the water as I got chills down my spine. This was getting extremely uncomfortable at a rapid rate.

I continued to stand without movement as I stared at my twin sister Jessie and my friend Abbey who were flipping into the pool. They were both clearly oblivious to the fact that there was a potentially dangerous who was right behind me, discreetly eyeing us off.

“Ellana, what are you doing? Jessie screamed loud enough to let the entire universe hear my name. I sighed with frustration; I didn’t want that creepy man knowing my name. I didn’t answer Jessie; I just tweaked my head in the direction of the man without being too obvious. Abbey whispered something to Jessie; I hope she told her to be quiet. But I was wrong. “Ellana, why are you moving your head so weirdly? There’s no one behind you other than one man!” Jessie yelled even louder than the first time. My mind was filled with anger; I was so annoyed with Abbey and Jessie. I finally calmed myself down as I realized that I had always been smarter than Abbey and Jessie.

“Ellana you are not very smart.” Abbey made her final comment before plunging into the water. ‘Huh,’ I thought, ‘Abbey told me that I wasn’t smart. Well, she’s not Little Miss Intelligent herself is she?’

My train of thought took a sudden stop when I felt a violent tap on my shoulder. I turned around and to my horror, there stood the creepy man. His hair was shaved in a crew cut and he had tattoos scattered on his body. He was fat and chubby but his size threatened me and made me feel a lot smaller than I actually was. The man had a stern frown on his face but he must of sensed that I was uncomfortable because then he grinned at me. I gasped with surprise. There, in the mouth of the creepy man was a gold tooth.

“G’day love, sorry to bother you but this lane is for swimming laps, not for playing. Would you tell your friends the same thing?” the man asked in a Bogan accent. “Umm… okay.” I replied awkwardly because I knew very well that this was the aqua play area.

I cautiously got out of the pool and spoke to Abbey and Jessie, “Guys, we have to get out of the pool now and don’t ask me why.” I was all set to face their interrogations but to my astonishment, all they did was scramble out of the water. At last, they realized why I was isolating myself before.

Jessie, Abbey and I walked to the other aqua play area and continued to muck around.

As we got out of the pool, the creepy man approached me. I instantly flinched and shook with fear. I could see that Abbey and Jessie were scared because they edged behind me. The man was now a meter away from me as he said; “I’m so sorry darlings, I didn’t realize that I was in the aqua play area.” I quickly got a rollercoaster of guilt whirling in my stomach. My friends and I have misjudged the man. “I also apologise for giving you a fright. Please forgive me!” the man spat out his words eagerly and he had a pleading look in his eyes. He didn’t look as scary as before.

“No worries, I replied “I know you didn’t mean it.” Abbey and Jessie nodded in agreement. The man warmly smiled and walked away.

Today I learnt a very valuable lesson, don’t judge a person for the way they look.


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