About Me!

Hi everyone, I’m Mia,

In my family, there are five people, my dad, mum older brother, my younger sister and of course, me. I also have a pet dog called Phylo, he is a fox terrier and he is twelve.

I play netball dancing and acrobatics. My favourite sport would be out of netball and dancing because netball is competitive and fun and in acrobatics you do all kinds of tricks like walkovers, aerials and handsprings. I have played in two netball grand finals and my team and I won one of them.

My favourite subject at school would probably be inquiry because you learn about a whole lot of different things like health, history, animals and science. This term, we are studying law.

I’m already enjoying this blog and I can’t wait to do more.

I’ll keep you posted!

6 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Really liked looking at your blog and I didnt know you had a dog. I also have a question, are you going to post anything on your blog about the Speech night?
    From Sam

  2. Hi Mia

    Wow a family of five thats alot since I am a only child that sounds pretty crowded to me.
    I also like playing netball and I am a Hip Hop dancer.
    My favourite subject at school would have to be art because I love watching a picture come to life in my hands, also living in New Zealand there is alot of nature I can paint

    From Jiya

  3. Hi Jiya,
    Thanks so much for commenting.
    Living in New Zealand sounds w
    Awesome and I would love to go there some day.
    Do you have a blog? If so please put the link to it in a comment on my blog so I can look at it.
    From Mia

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