Netball Abecedarian Poem

A is for ATTACK, go get the goal

B is for BALL, you need it to play

C is for CONTROL, be the king of the game

D is for DEFEND, don’t let your player score

E is for ENJOY, have fun, make friends

F is for FINAL, you want to make it there

G is for GAME, what we love to play

H is for HEIGHT, it helps in defence

I is for INVINSIBLE, when you win the Grand Final

J is for JUMP, go as high as you can

K is for KEEP GOING, you have to do it

L is for LOSE, what you don’t want to do

M is for MOVE, get into space

N is for NETBALL, the game you play

O is for OPPOSITION, who you need to beat

P is for PASS, what you must catch

Q is for QUARTER, it’s time to get a drink

R is for REPRESENT, to take it to the next level

S is for SHOOT, it’s how you score

T is for TEAM, you always stick together

U is for UMPIRE, the game is in their hands

V is for VICTORY, the winning feeling

W is for WIN, what you aim to do

X is for XRAY, don’t hurt anyone

Y is for YOU, improve yourself

Z is for ZOOM, the speed you go

World Teachers Day Video

Hi Everyone,

As some of you may know, me and a few other kids appeared on the world teachers day add for 2015. It was really fun to make and the video has now been released!!