Booktastic By Lead News Journalist Miezys


By Lead News Journalist Miezy’s

On Monday the 24th of August, schools all over the country celebrated Book Day!

At St Scholastica’s Primary School, the amazing day kicked off with the book parade! Some fantabulous book costumes were witnessed but some of the most memorable costumes were; Charlotte the Spider, Green Eggs and Ham, Netball Fairies, The Lone Ranger and the Queen of Hearts.

Throughout the day, the totally brilliant five- sixes planned activities for the younger children to enjoy. These consisted of; Noni the Pony at the Beach, Pig the Pug bookmarks, My Two Blankets pictures and celebrity heads. The most spectacular activity of the day was the lion face from ‘The Stone Lion.’ Mia and Isabella did a particularly spectacular job in helping the younger children.

The winning picture books of the year were My Two Blankets by Irena Cobold and Go to Sleep Jessie by Libby Gleeson and illustrated by Freya Blackwood. These books were incredibly deserving of the award and the books were very nice and heartwarming.

The marvelous day came to an end after the five- sixes performed their story telling. Mr. Gleeson ended the day with his story. This was all about his life.

2015 Book day was phenomenal and it was definitely one to remember!

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