Volcanoes- Inquiry Project

This term, for our inquiry projects, we got a lot of freedom. We were able to choose from the three topics, animal adaptions, space and natural disasters. Your probably wondering, how does each individual student choose their own topic? Well it works like this; each teacher from middle to senior get their own topic. Then each student chooses what topic that they would enjoy most. As you can possibly already tell, my topic is natural disasters.

Of all the natural disasters, I have chosen to do……. VOLCANOES!!! Volcanoes interest me because I have always found explosions and eruptions extremely fascinating. I also know absolutely nothing about volcanoes so I thought it would be good to learn something new.

I have also been thinking about some possible questions about volcanoes for my project:

  • What safety measures do you have to take in the case of an erupting volcano?
  • How are volcanoes caused?
  • When  are volcanoes most likely to occur?
  • What affects do volcanoes have on people?
  • Where are the most deadly volcanoes located and why are they the most deadly?

So they are my possible questions and feel free to make question suggestions in a comment!

      image49047 image49708image49905image49343

 All my photos are from: ierdnall via CompfightCreative Commons License

See You Later!!!

2 thoughts on “Volcanoes- Inquiry Project

  1. Mia, I think your study of volcanoes will be fascinating. It is hard to imagine what it would be like to experience the effects of a volcano, I’m interested in seeing what you come up with.

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