On Friday it was grandparents day and we got to show our grandparents what we have been doing in school.

I had four of my grandparents turn up and it was great to show them what we have been doing. I mainly showed my grandparents, my blog, the singing bowl, my old project, camp work and I also showed them my writing piece on beauty and the beast. I really enjoyed showing my grandparents my work and I think they enjoyed it too.

I had my Nana, Pa, Grandma and Poppy come to grandparents day and that is the most I’ve ever had. I also wrote a 100 word challenge about them which I showed them and they liked it a lot. We had displays of things about our grandparents around the church like the 100 word challenges and all the other classes work.

Grandparents day was a great experience for us as well as our grandparents.







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