Random Acts of Kindness

I class we have been watching videos of random acts of kindness. I think this video below is the best one because it has lots of meaning to it. I also like this video because it has a lovely phrase in it which is ‘A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple that comes back  you’

Watch this amazing, heartwarming video

Volcanoes- Inquiry Project

This term, for our inquiry projects, we got a lot of freedom. We were able to choose from the three topics, animal adaptions, space and natural disasters. Your probably wondering, how does each individual student choose their own topic? Well it works like this; each teacher from middle to senior get their own topic. Then each student chooses what topic that they would enjoy most. As you can possibly already tell, my topic is natural disasters.

Of all the natural disasters, I have chosen to do……. VOLCANOES!!! Volcanoes interest me because I have always found explosions and eruptions extremely fascinating. I also know absolutely nothing about volcanoes so I thought it would be good to learn something new.

I have also been thinking about some possible questions about volcanoes for my project:

  • What safety measures do you have to take in the case of an erupting volcano?
  • How are volcanoes caused?
  • When  are volcanoes most likely to occur?
  • What affects do volcanoes have on people?
  • Where are the most deadly volcanoes located and why are they the most deadly?

So they are my possible questions and feel free to make question suggestions in a comment!

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 All my photos are from: ierdnall via CompfightCreative Commons License

See You Later!!!

Free Friday, Letter to my Principal

A while ago, as apart of our homework, we had to write about a rule that we wanted to keep. It was supposed to be a persuasive text and this is my persuasive letter to my principal.

Dear Mr. Gleeson,

I’m utterly disgusted with the thought of Free Friday being taken away. I strongly urge you to consider my reasons to keep Free Friday.

Firstly, the people who play on the grass on Free Friday definitely use it productively. I am one the people who adore Free Friday and when my friends and I are on it we do tricks like walkovers, handsprings and attempted aerials. I can strongly assure you that we do NOT use the time to sit and talk as we can do that on the other four days of the week.

Another reason is that on this one day of the week, everyone who plays ball games can play on the lower. The things we do on the grass certainly cannot be played on the lower as it is a danger to us because we could easily fall or slip on the concrete of and get a horrific injury. Many people expect us to play on the lower and they clearly don’t understand the hazards that we will face. Our wonderful school is all about safety, which is why you should back us up to keep us safe.

Finally there is absolutely no sense of exclusion on Free Friday as we allow everyone to join in or pick their own game to play as long it does not involve a ball. Unlike a game of soccer or football, the games that are played on Free Friday do not take up the full space; therefore many people can play what they want.

All I am asking is for one day that is free for everyone to enjoy. This is why I strongly urge you to keep Free Friday.

Kind Regards

Mia, on behalf of many, many people.

Soccer !Sculpted SportsRugby and Soccer balls 



On Friday it was grandparents day and we got to show our grandparents what we have been doing in school.

I had four of my grandparents turn up and it was great to show them what we have been doing. I mainly showed my grandparents, my blog, the singing bowl, my old project, camp work and I also showed them my writing piece on beauty and the beast. I really enjoyed showing my grandparents my work and I think they enjoyed it too.

I had my Nana, Pa, Grandma and Poppy come to grandparents day and that is the most I’ve ever had. I also wrote a 100 word challenge about them which I showed them and they liked it a lot. We had displays of things about our grandparents around the church like the 100 word challenges and all the other classes work.

Grandparents day was a great experience for us as well as our grandparents.