Hi everyone,

Yesterday, all the seniors at our school went to Mt Evelyn YMCA camp for three days. It was an amazing experience and I had awesome time.


In my cabin I had my five best friends; Emma, Isabella, Helaina, Luiza and who could forget Sarah? In our cabin we had a few funny moments and interesting conversations. Lets just say I learnt a lot of new things about my friends by sleeping in a cabin with them.


Activities were awesome fun and the activities that we did were the giant swing, leap of faith, flying fox, low ropes, circus skills and damper making. My favourite activity was the giant swing.

I had an awesome time at camp and here are some photos



2 thoughts on “Camp

  1. Hi Mia,
    I really enjoyed camp to, it was really fun when we got to talk n our cabin.
    My favourite activity was the giant swing because it went up really really high into the sky.
    you should come and visit my blog sometime at:
    From Sarah

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