Highlights of Camp

Here is my recount of my main highlights of camp:

Mt Evelyn YMCA Recreational camp is all about adventure and discovery. With activities that challenged and heights that made your stomach take a sudden drop, Mt Evelyn will definitely help you conquer your most dreaded fears.

Red faces, of course, is completely essential at camp. You will see the most peculiar things, whether it be undies on people’s heads or a chorus in unison to ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’! Who knows, you may even see a flip or two.

The camp menu also needs to be filling and delicious, especially since we’re doing highly physical activities. At Mt Evelyn, this wasn’t a problem, the food was delectable and we had mega servings. A few food highlights on the menu consisted of, chicken schnitzel and chips, apple crumble, tacos, muffins, cake, fruit, pizza and who could forget chocolate mousse.

My cabin was full of laughs and kindness. With five of my best friends in my cabin, I felt extremely comfortable and we had so much fun.

I felt that I achieved so much at camp and I also was challenged physically and emotionally. Getting to the very top of the giant swing which was 18 metres high, jumping off the leap of faith and getting to the top in a small matter of seconds, doing the splits on the ropes and making damper!

My first school camp was definitely one to remember and all these achievements will stay with me forever. Mt Evelyn was an amazing experience!




Hi everyone,

Yesterday, all the seniors at our school went to Mt Evelyn YMCA camp for three days. It was an amazing experience and I had awesome time.


In my cabin I had my five best friends; Emma, Isabella, Helaina, Luiza and who could forget Sarah? In our cabin we had a few funny moments and interesting conversations. Lets just say I learnt a lot of new things about my friends by sleeping in a cabin with them.


Activities were awesome fun and the activities that we did were the giant swing, leap of faith, flying fox, low ropes, circus skills and damper making. My favourite activity was the giant swing.

I had an awesome time at camp and here are some photos



My Holidays

Hi everyone,

I hope your enjoying the holidays!

So far my holidays have been pretty easy. I haven’t done to much but here’s a list of my holidays so far.

Visited my cousins because one of them turned three

Went to see the Hawks defeat Essondon at the MCG.

Went to a family friends house for dinner.

Slept over at my friends house.

A different friend came to my house and we went rock climbing.

My cousin came over to my house.

Watched the movie Maleficent.

Bought a new desk, clothes and the books Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska.

Went shopping and got a blue tooth speaker and an awesome Polkadot cushion.

Watched the movie Bridge to Terabithia.

Went to the movies an saw Inside Out.

Went to the MCG and saw the hawks beat collingwood by 10 points.


Thats all I’ve done so far but now that I think about it, my holidays have been extremely busy! What have you been up to these holidays? Tell me in a comment!