Celebration of Learning Day!

Hi everyone,

On Wednesday, we had Celebration of Learning day. It’s a day where we go around the school and learn about what each year level has been learning. Here is what I learnt from everyone:

Preps: The  preps have been learning about ‘Little History’ and particularly learning about their family history and have each created a family tree.

Grade one/ two: The grade one/ twos have learnt about their baptisms and have each created an informative poster about their baptism. They have also made memorial models of certain things.

Grade three/ four: The grade three/ fours have made old diaries as part of their projects based on the First Fleet.

Grade five/ six: We have been busy telling all the year levels our projects based on Australia’s first settlement. My group has made a poster, model as well as a power point..

Celebration of Learning Day was great to see how well the rest of our school has been working!



One thought on “Celebration of Learning Day!

  1. Hello Mia,
    Celebration Of Learning Day was great!
    I had a lot of fun too. Keep up the great work!
    Your blog is AMAZING and I love reading your posts!
    By for now
    – Helaina✨

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