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Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, I love sport. I have played so many different sports before but my sports that I have been successful in are, netball, dance, acrobatics, high jump, cross country and 1500m. I have learnt that I’m good at the last three sports through school because being at a small school means you get lots of opportunities to try new things and realise that your good at those things.

Now I’ll tell you about each of my sports that I do outside of school:

Netball: I have always loved netball and it is definitely my greatest talent. As well as playing netball for my school I have also done the Whitehorse junior development squad and this year I’m in the Under 11’s rep team.

Dance: I have been dancing for seven years and I have been invited to rising star competitions

Acrobatics : I love acrobatics and I started it because my little cousin gave me inspiration because she goes to circus school and she can do all kinds of flips. I think I’m good at acro because I’m quite flexible.

Now you all know that sport is my greatest passion!

2 thoughts on “My Sports

  1. Hi Mia,
    I have read some of your posts and would like to show your blog to my new students in September. Now we have summer holidays. I hope my students will like a 100 word challenge. And sport is also very popular in our school.
    So keep blogging!
    And thanks for visiting our class blog

  2. Hey! It’s Alyssa, the blogger from, sorry for approving your comment so late! I’ve finally decided to visit your blog! You’ve got quite the blog, Mia! I can see that you definitely are into sports, but in my opinion, I prefer coding. Do you use a coding app called Hopscotch? If you not, you may definitely download and start! My username is Alyssa (Heart emoji) Cake. Please tell me your username, if you have an account.

    Best regards,

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