I have put these two videos up because this girl is a famous dancer. The first video is her dancing at the age of two and the second video is her a the age of eleven. Her name is JoJo Siwa and she’s an amazing dancer.


Celebration of Learning Day!

Hi everyone,

On Wednesday, we had Celebration of Learning day. It’s a day where we go around the school and learn about what each year level has been learning. Here is what I learnt from everyone:

Preps: The  preps have been learning about ‘Little History’ and particularly learning about their family history and have each created a family tree.

Grade one/ two: The grade one/ twos have learnt about their baptisms and have each created an informative poster about their baptism. They have also made memorial models of certain things.

Grade three/ four: The grade three/ fours have made old diaries as part of their projects based on the First Fleet.

Grade five/ six: We have been busy telling all the year levels our projects based on Australia’s first settlement. My group has made a poster, model as well as a power point..

Celebration of Learning Day was great to see how well the rest of our school has been working!



My Sports

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, I love sport. I have played so many different sports before but my sports that I have been successful in are, netball, dance, acrobatics, high jump, cross country and 1500m. I have learnt that I’m good at the last three sports through school because being at a small school means you get lots of opportunities to try new things and realise that your good at those things.

Now I’ll tell you about each of my sports that I do outside of school:

Netball: I have always loved netball and it is definitely my greatest talent. As well as playing netball for my school I have also done the Whitehorse junior development squad and this year I’m in the Under 11’s rep team.

Dance: I have been dancing for seven years and I have been invited to rising star competitions

Acrobatics : I love acrobatics and I started it because my little cousin gave me inspiration because she goes to circus school and she can do all kinds of flips. I think I’m good at acro because I’m quite flexible.

Now you all know that sport is my greatest passion!