My 100 Word Challenge


Some of you may know about the 100 word challenge. This is where you have to write a story with one hundred words exactly. So far I have written three stories; my twist on Cinderella, a story about detectives and my story below. Also, to help us with writing  ideas, our teachers give us prompts. These prompts may be a phrase or a writing style, (like fairy tales).

This story is about a netballer:

She trudged through the mud as the sloppy brown sludge sprayed up her boots. With her faded pink netball and three chooks by her side, Ruby was ready. Ruby’s netball ring had no net and was rusty at the seams. But that would NOT stop her. Goal after goal, as her chickens chased the ball, her confidence grew. Ruby was a winner and she knew it. When she finished her daily one hundred goals, she and her chickens ran back to the barn. All at once they fell over. But they got up, after all, Ruby had to play netball.

 Claire 5 Peter Hayward via Compfight

11 thoughts on “My 100 Word Challenge

  1. Hi Mia,
    Great 100 word story, I like how it’s based on netball. The 100 word story challenge gets easier and easier. I like your blog,
    Bye, from Shenalie

  2. Hi Mia,
    I really like your 100 word challenge. It sounds so awesome.
    The picture fits in with your 100 word challenge.
    Your going so great with your blog. Keep up the good work.
    From Katrina

  3. Mia-you really nailed that 100 word challenge!! I am very impressed with your writing. You have a real skill. Keep at it. Oh, and I fed your pets for you!

  4. Hi Jasmine, Shenalie, Katrina, Sarah and mrs Smith,
    Thanks for the comments.
    Sarah, I know cluggo is awesome.
    Mrs. Smith, thanks for feeding my widget pets.
    From Mia

  5. Hello Mia what a great piece of writing I believe Ms Nathan has shown my class your blog! You may Know her Beca Nathan? anyway thank U 4 coming on my blog and leaving ur link!

  6. Hi Mia,
    It is Tamiah again. I didn’t know you were so good at writing stories. Well that’s silly because we don’t even know each other. But. Keep writing stories.

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