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Today I’m going to tell you about a plugin called compfight. This plugin allows you to access copyright free photos as long as you give credit to who they belong to.

We looked a video which showed the perspectives of people whose work had been taken by somebody, it was kids who did art work and there teacher put other children’s names on it. The kids were disappointed because the put lots of effort in to it.

Here is a picture from compfightBlue & Red Acrylic Mix Mark Chadwick via Compfight

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  1. Plugins are lots of fun aren’t they Mia. I can understand how the children felt, it would be awful to work so hard, create something beautiful and then have the incorrect name attached. Attributing work to the correct person is very important. When we do research it is always important to name the person who found it in the first place – this will be useful knowledge in our inquiry.

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