Clip N Climb

I went to Clip N Climb on the school closure day with my friend Sarah along with her brother Zac and my sister Ava. This was an amazing experience. There were many different kinds of rock climbing walls as well as the vertical slide, leap of faith and the stairway to heaven.

We had to get harnesses on before we could do any of these things for safety, Clip N Climb was very safe and our harnesses had to get checked before we did any of the activities.

My favourite activities would definitely be the Stairway to heaven and the Vertical slide because both of them were exciting, scary and also very challenging. It’s funny that the activities that I were most scared of ended up being my main highlights.

I loved Clip N Climb and I definitely recommend it to everyone who enjoys adventure, challenge and excitement.

This is me on the stairway to heaven

FullSizeRenderVertical Slide

8 thoughts on “Clip N Climb

  1. Dear Mia,
    It looks like you had a lot of fun at Clip and Climb. What did you think of the Vertical slide? I Loved it when I went there. Do you think you will go there again?
    From Isabella.

  2. Thank you holly, Isabella, Sarah and jasmine.
    The answer to your questions:
    Bella, I loved the vertical slide and i’ll definitely go back
    Sarah, I do like tacos

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