My 100 Word Challenge


Some of you may know about the 100 word challenge. This is where you have to write a story with one hundred words exactly. So far I have written three stories; my twist on Cinderella, a story about detectives and my story below. Also, to help us with writing  ideas, our teachers give us prompts. These prompts may be a phrase or a writing style, (like fairy tales).

This story is about a netballer:

She trudged through the mud as the sloppy brown sludge sprayed up her boots. With her faded pink netball and three chooks by her side, Ruby was ready. Ruby’s netball ring had no net and was rusty at the seams. But that would NOT stop her. Goal after goal, as her chickens chased the ball, her confidence grew. Ruby was a winner and she knew it. When she finished her daily one hundred goals, she and her chickens ran back to the barn. All at once they fell over. But they got up, after all, Ruby had to play netball.

 Claire 5 Peter Hayward via Compfight

This Week’s Goal / THE GREAT DEBATE

Hi Everyone,

After writing my practice NAPLAN writing piece, My teacher Mrs. Lefebvre, gave me feedback for my future learning. I have turned her feedback into a goal and my goal is to build up the main characters in my story with lots of detail to make my story more interesting.

Also on Friday I participated in the great debate. I was apart of the For Free Friday team. Free Friday is a day where anyone can play what they want on the grass but they weren’t allowed to play with balls. The games that are played on free Friday are gymnastics, tiggy, people talking and many other things. Some people didn’t agree with this and they decided to write a letter to our principal as why free Friday should be banned. I was pretty annoyed with this because I really enjoyed Free Friday so I wrote a letter to our principal as to why we should keep Free Friday.

With all the letters that had been received, our principal put an end to it all by holding the great debate. There were two teams, Me, Emma, Thomas and Isabella are for Free Friday, with Liam, Andrew, Francesco and Xavier  are against Free Friday. If you are wondering who won the debate, well to my delight, WE DID. Free Friday is back and I’m excited. All the debaters did great and it was a great experience for us all.

If anyone wants to share there opinion on Free Friday you can tell me in a comment.


Hi Everyone,

Today I’m going to tell you about a plugin called compfight. This plugin allows you to access copyright free photos as long as you give credit to who they belong to.

We looked a video which showed the perspectives of people whose work had been taken by somebody, it was kids who did art work and there teacher put other children’s names on it. The kids were disappointed because the put lots of effort in to it.

Here is a picture from compfightBlue & Red Acrylic Mix Mark Chadwick via Compfight

Clip N Climb

I went to Clip N Climb on the school closure day with my friend Sarah along with her brother Zac and my sister Ava. This was an amazing experience. There were many different kinds of rock climbing walls as well as the vertical slide, leap of faith and the stairway to heaven.

We had to get harnesses on before we could do any of these things for safety, Clip N Climb was very safe and our harnesses had to get checked before we did any of the activities.

My favourite activities would definitely be the Stairway to heaven and the Vertical slide because both of them were exciting, scary and also very challenging. It’s funny that the activities that I were most scared of ended up being my main highlights.

I loved Clip N Climb and I definitely recommend it to everyone who enjoys adventure, challenge and excitement.

This is me on the stairway to heaven

FullSizeRenderVertical Slide