Public Speaking 2015

This year all grade five participated and competed in a public speaking course.

Sylvia is the lady who ran the course. She was strict but as a result of that we have learnt so much. We have prepared many speeches and we have also done impromptu speeches. These speeches are very challenging as you have to make up your speech on the spot.We have talked about visual aids, gestures, emotions, projection and standing correctly with one foot forward and NO FIGLEAF!   ‘Figleaf’, is standing with your arms clasped in front of your body and it is bad because it restricts you from making gestures and doing other important things.

On Wednesday night we had our public speaking evening for 2015 and we had the top ten speakers competing on the night as well as impromptu speeches and skits.

I we all did a great job but I would especially like to congratulate the top three; Katrina, 1st, Benedict, 2nd place and Mia (myself) in third place.

Thankyou to Sylvia, Mr G and the year five teachers for organising this  amazing event.

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3 thoughts on “Public Speaking 2015

  1. Hi Mia it’s Jess from dancing I love your blog it is really interesting you had a great description about your public speaking course. Thanks for leaving a comment on mine and hope we well keep in contact

  2. Hi Mia
    Great start to your blog I really like your background It looks really awesome.
    Congratulations on coming 3rd place in public speaking , I really like your speech it was really cool , I hope you really liked the prize you got.

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