School With no Rules

In class, we have been talking about the school with no rules. We watched a youtube video about a school in New Zealand with no rules.

Although it did seem fun, the amount of risks these kids were allowed to take was astonishing. What I saw was kids having fun but in a very unsafe and unhygienic environment. But I also think that there is also good in what was going on. I can’t decide what side I’m on!

I have the link below and once you have watched it tell me what you think.

11 thoughts on “School With no Rules

  1. Hi Mia,
    I liked the video I think that they should have a few more rules because it is a little dangerous. I think you have started a great blog.

  2. Hey Mia,
    Well done on your post! How interesting was the video! I love your theme, it’s professional! Good start on your blog. Keep it up!


  3. Hi Mia,
    I think that these kids are playing in an unsafe place with wood and metal with bear feet is just wrong. Don’t you agree.

  4. Hi Mia,
    I thought the video was very crazy because the kids were so crazy and the principal didn’t do anything about it, Like your blog.

  5. Hi Mia I liked the no school rules video it was cool when the principle threw out the rules book. I wish Mr. G would do that to.

  6. Hi Mia,
    I saw that school with no rules video to and I agree with you. they are unsafe and they can really bad injure themselves. I love your post and can’t wait to see more!!!

  7. Hi Mia,
    I’ve never seen a school with no rules. But to be honest, I think it’s way too dangerous because someone could get really hurt.
    I also really like your blog, theme and posts.

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